Why WoW?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Not sure I have ever gotten that "excited" feeling from any other game, really. I have tried but always end up back on WoW. I just never seem to have the same excitement I get with other things.

My parents always told us growing up that our family had "addictive personalities" and worried that we would become alcoholics or drug users.. and while I cant say I have never partaken in those things, the only thing that has ever taken a hold is gaming. Which is a much better addiction :).

Ever heard the Joke - how do you tell if a Vegan is in the room? well.. the same thing goes with WoW players that played Vanilla.. and here I am to confirm that stereotype/joke. Back in 2002 my older brother and I bought my younger brother a new game that had come out called "World of Warcraft".. Older brother was away at college and I was just finishing High School, at the time I really had no interest in gaming.. About two months after we gave the game to my younger brother, my older calls me and says.. you have got to get this game, its really fun! I still remember the first question I asked him about it... "When you get new armor, does it change the way you looked?" because at this point in the gaming world, it really wasn't that common of a thing. Once he said YES.. I was off to the store and never looked back!

We played the game for hours upon hours.. dragging more and more friends into the world.. we got max lvl and started raiding with a guild name <Genesis> and were one of the first guilds to defeat Ragnaros in Molten Core.. I can still hear the sound of the guild leader crying in teamspeak once we did it. It was amazing for all of us.. looking back at that moment , you can really feel how important something like this can be to people.. it was quite the achievement for everyone involved in that first kill!

Fast forward 17ish years.. and here I am still playing the game that made me fall in love with gaming. Sure, I have taken breaks.. I took a long break when my twin daughters were born during WoTLK, but I came back. I took a break about two months after the release of WoD.. but I came back. At this point I have (I think) found almost the perfect balance between my gaming addition and my family.

I truly enjoy playing WoW, I really do. And while I understand its not for everyone.. I get the most enjoyment out of this game than any other I have tried. If you ever find yourself playing this game and want to do something, ANYTHING.. and need someone to do it with.. please feel free to add me and we can make things happen!

btag = Orionn#11341

TLDR - I love WoW and all things in it.. get at me!

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