New Games are released all the time, but do you know when?

One of my favorite activates growing up was heading to the local gaming store to see what new games where coming out. I had just got my driver’s licenses and was looking for any excuse to go for a drive. I would recruit my brother Ryan to tag along and off we went. The best store was GameStop in the Layton Hills Mall. We would park and head right in, speculating on what we hoped we might find. Right by the entrance to the store they would have a whiteboard with the game title and the release date. I'd study it carefully and commit any important dates to memory. We'd walk around the store for an hour or so sometimes just browsing event if we didn’t pick up a new game. I always thought the guys and gals that worked there had the best job! They get to sit around and talk about video games all day. This was all before the internet came around.

We don’t make it to GameStop much anymore. Busy schedules and the availability of info online changed all that. I still like keeping up on upcoming releases though. Sometimes I'll just surf through the PS4 or Nintendo Online store to see what's coming. I look and I forget so I decided to start a calendar on the Nrding website! The goal is to document as many upcoming titles as possible. They will all be saved online and can be added to anyone's calendar if they so choose.

The Nrding Calendar might start out simple at first (just a game title, date, and link to the makers website). Eventually I would like to make it much for interactive with better pictures, videos, and user interactions! If anything; it will help me, and others remember to get excited for the new games release.

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