What gets you motivated to play a game? Seems weird doesn't it? Motivation is usually something used to describe your drive to make more money, get a project done around the house, or build up a down payment for a car or something like that.. but in the world of gamers there is a real motivation for why we play the games we do.

For me, if you read my other post, that game is World Of Warcraft, and I do have motivation to play it on a pretty regular basis. Most of the time while I am playing I keep track of specific goals I have.. like getting the "Ahead Of the Curve" achievement.. which is completing the current raid on Heroic difficulty before the next raid is released, or going after a mount I think looks cool (I really just want all them mounts!), or getting the current PvP season mount reward.. which was a struggle as a consistent 1500 player.. and big thanks to @ScottF for helping get that!

My point is, for the game that I love.. I am always coming up with new goals, or things that motivate me to play the game.. I never seem to get to the point there I run out of things to do. Right now, I am trying to complete the current Heroic Vision - 5 Masks on as many characters as I can. To me, this shows that I can play that class at a high level because this is a difficult thing to do solo.

What gives you the motivation to play your game of choice? Are you playing multiple games, and what kind of goals are you setting for yourself?

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