Helpful tips for getting the most out of a Gaming Convention.

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

I was so excited for my first E3 that I didn’t do much research. It’s just a bunch of video game makers there showing of their stuff, right? The realization hit me as soon as I got out of the Uber at the LA Convention Center; I was not prepared! I was lucky that my buddy Torey came along and encouraged me on, even though I wasn’t feeling up to it on the second day. He also suggested I write this blog to help others and remind myself for next time. So, without further ado, here are the Top 5 tips/lessons I learned from my first trip to E3 2019.

1. Plan ahead: You should look into who is attending and when they will be presenting. The E3 App was available for weeks before the event. I didn’t download it until the day of the event. Only then did I realize I had already missed some of the showcases that I was interested in.

2. Show up early: Get to your destination a day early if possible. Do this even if you can’t get your badge till later. I didn’t think I could get my badge until 2PM on the second day of E3. Turns out I could have got it as early as Monday. I wouldn’t have got in but at least I would have had it ready. Instead I had to rush to get the badge and then spent the rest of evening trying to get situated in the AirBnB. Pretty much wasted the whole day.

3. Wear good shoes: You will be walking or standing, A LOT! There is tons to see and do but not much sitting. If you planned ahead you might be staying close. Even if your walk to the event is short you will be on your feet most of the day.

You will be walking from vendor displays or standing in line for access to the play areas.

4. Consider buys the VIP/Premium Pass: This should be no surprise, but the basic pass will get you in the door and not much else. You will need to pay a little more to attend shows and gain access to other content. I will be springing for one of those next time or maybe even an Industry Pass!

5. Don’t get partied out the night before: Even though the event is several days, you will want to pace yourself. All the points above can factor into this one. For me it was too much booze the night I arrived. I was a walking zombie the next day, barely holding it together. This severely impacted my enjoyment of the event. I powered through though and still had a great time.

Overall the experience was good but it could have been much more enjoyable if I had just followed the steps above. I got 1 out of 5 right. The shoes I wore were great but that couldn’t outweigh the other mistakes made along the way. I hope this info is helpful to you for the next gaming industry trip you plan!

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