Cybersecurity for Gamers

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

If you are online, you are a target for cyberattack. Whether direct or indirect gamers face unique challenges when it comes to keeping their information safe. In the spirit of Cybersecurity Month, I’m offering up 5 quick tips gamers can use to avoid becoming a victim. Losing your precious loot is one thing but the possibility of losing real money should be motivation enough to keep on reading!

1. Passwords: Yes, they are pain but a necessary inconvenience. It’s highly recommended that you use a phrase with Uppercase, lowercase, $pecial Ch@racters, and Numb3rs to create a complex and unique password. Example: G@m3rsRule#1LEET

a. Pro Tip: Don’t use the same password for everything. Your bank password should not be the same as you Steam password.

2. MFA: Stands for Multi Factor Authentication or sometimes you will see 2FA. You might not know it but you, or your parents have been using MFA for years. ATM/Debit Cards are a perfect example of MFA you have the physical device the card and something you the pin. That 2 factors! Most programs and apps offer this as a free service you can use right on your smart phone.

3. Email: Phishing is one of the most popular cyberattacks out there. Clicking on links or opening files from emails is not a good idea. If you don’t know the sender or the reason you are getting the email, chances are it’s a phish. Always error on the side of caution. If the emails says you need to reset your PSN password but you didn’t initiate anything to receive the email. DON’T CLICK THE LINK! Instead go to the actual PSN and check your password. Use the company site to verify and reset it if necessary.

4. Antivirus: Yes it costs money, and yes you should pay for it. It’s not that expensive these days and most of the home use stuff is just fine. Getting ransomware or having your hard drive encrypted could cause your lots more. If you have a PC you should have antivirus.

5. Trusted Sources: You can greatly reduce your risk simply by purchasing and using and buying from official sites. Large retailers have intense requirements on keeping your information safe. They invest heavily in security to keep your sensitive info safe. Don’t buy the gold farmers gold!

Bonus: Safety first, if it seems sketchy or too good to be true, chances are it is.

Online security is a never end battle that requires constant awareness. I have worked in the B2B IT industry for over 8 years now and the number 1 business concern of all the business I server is security. Be it end-user education or beefing up their firewall policies. The year or year spending has increased exponentially. I won’t bore you with statistics but if you do the research (Google it) you will see just how real it is.

Hopefully this quick read was helpful and informative. Please be safe out there!

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